A breeder of class, companion gundogs since 1985.

I saw a Brittany for the first time the winter of 1968 while having a deer processed near Marietta, Ohio.  The fellow had a pair out of the Kay-Cee Bandit line that he proudly planted a bird for to show them on point.  At that time I was home on leave from the service so ownership was nearly impossible. After my discharge the fall of 1974 I found a young male that was sold as a started dog.  Toby had been started alright, long enough to learn he didn't like the report of a shotgun.  I retired him early and decided to start with a puppy, a grandson of Char-lee O'Dee.  Buddy proved to be an excellent gundog prospect for an amateur trainer like myself.  He demonstrated boldness, a keen desire to hunt, intensity on point, loved to retrieve, and aimed to please. In 1983 I met John Edwards of Ed's Brittany's who sold me an exceptional female puppy.  Brandi too was a natural and easily trained to hunt under my gun. The next hunting season saw Buddy and Brandi hunting as a team with my black powder double smoking up the Grouse woods of S.E Ohio.

Little did I know at this point that Brandi and her breeder would open the door for Sher-lock Doc.  Doc was purchased 2 years later from John, a full brother to Brandi, and the first dog I managed to finish as an AKC Field Champion.  John told me I should get involved in field trials and insisted that I had dogs that could be trained to win.  He emphasized that the dogs could double as field trial competitors on the off hunting season and still be biddable gundogs when it was time to hunt.  John wasn't wrong.  I learned the joys of winning in trials and the training needs and methods it took to present a polished field trial competitor.  Doc and FC/AFC Sher-loc Shay-Dee Holly saw three hunting season's in Iowa during the same period and were gundogs extraordinaire.  The dogs really did know the difference between participating in a competitive sport and being a useful hunting companion.

In 1985 I produced my first registered litter using another female I had acquired and DC/AFC Cinnabar's Sassy Luke.  Like all new breeders I had much to learn but had the luxury of John coaching me. My next champion bred litter came in 1986 when I bred Brandi to NFC/DC/AFC Markar's Jac's A Dan D.  John encouraged that breeding as Brandi had DC/AFC Jacque of Connie in her pedigree and  he purchased several pups from it.  Ed's Mick was used in his breeding program and today found in the pedigrees of many valued hunting companions.  I was determined to breed the best to the best. I later acquired a full sister to Jac, Bi-Low's Sailin' Sally, and Sher-loc Shiawassee Amie, a litter sister to FC/AFC Rimarda's Trademark.  I began truly evaluating the dogs that I had and sought out others that could improve attributes like intelligence, stamina, nose, style, and intensity on point. This led to the purchases of FC/AFC Vanpo's CC (FC Scattmann x FC/AFC Ted's Edition) and Windy Hill Misty (NFC/FC Bean's Blaze x DC Scipios's Little Chick), both puppies at the time.  CC, Jac as he was called, was soon owned by veteran Brittany field trialer Ron Lisius but in the neighborhood to use as a stud dog.  My breedings of Jac to Misty produced several field champions and of those, several that perpetuated their qualities. Intelligence, stamina, good nose, and a strong pointing instinct are the basic ingredients for producing a competitive trial dog and/or productive hunting dog.  Combine that with the right personality and you have a field companion to brag about.

In the beginning, I was fascinated with the Brittany as the perfect family dog and hunting companion.  My admiration for John Edwards and his contributions to the breed inspired me and made me realize I had become passionately involved with the Brittany.  My ultimate goal has been and will always be to produce a National Champion.