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Comments from owners of Sherlock bred Brittanys

Hi Mick,
This is John Balkey the guy from New Hampshire. I drove down to your place a couple of years ago with my wife to pick up our pup. tattoo# MY2 from Bart and Dart . Sorry you haven't heard from me yet I'm really bad about keeping in touch with people. I believe when we talked last I told you I was going into the Air Force. I'm now in central/southern Maryland as I am stationed at Andrews Air Force Base. I was very fortunate to have had some time to train my dog on wild grouse while I lived in New Hampshire. My Wife stood by my decision to get this new pup even though she kept telling me the time wasn't right. Ever since my other dog passed on she's known that I've always had a special place in my heart for the Brittany breed. Anytime she was mad at her, "Aviane" would walk up and gingerly place both paws on her chest and lick her silly. Boy, we would both melt! Besides being a pup at heart she's also a great house dog. What really impressed me the most was her ability to learn commands so quickly and master directional signals. At 12 weeks she air scented a gobbler sitting about twelve feet in an old pine. I took a long shot, just curiously picked up a flight feather where I had seen evidence of scratching. I let her take a whiff and told her "find" and in about 5 or 6 minutes she was standing on her hind legs up around the base of the tree. As I approached the gobbler flushed explosively. As I stood there in awe, I knew I had a great gift in front me. It's very rare to find people with integrity and a great devotion at perfecting their breed of gundog the way you've been doing. For  someone who can back up what they say ,I hope you keep doing what you're doing. I truly thank you for keeping our tradition strong with quality gundogs. Well take care Mick and I hope you enjoy these pics of Avianes first season.

John Balkey


Hey Mick,

It's been a while since I have talked to you, but wanted to let you know
how pleased I am with my pup out of Bart and Mini.  I bought the pup,
whom I named Remi, from you last August.  I've had her on birds three
times this last year, and she definitely has the desire to hunt.  I'm
kind of bummed because I won't be able to get anymore birds until
September, so am working on getting Pigeons in the meantime.
You are doing some good things over there at the kennel and just wanted
to show you my appreciation.  I'll send you some pictures when I get a

Take it easy.

Michael Olding, Cincinatti, OH


Hey Mic,
Sorry we havn't stayed in better contact...  Busy, busy, busy,, you know how it is.
Our baby is just the most wonderful puppy!!!!  What a joy she is! Smart, alert, and a great hunter!!! I just got her first bird back from the taxidermist.  She got him thanksgiving morning (not quite 5 months old).  Perfect point and hold then i flushed him.
When are you going to have more babies and to whom?  We would like to get a liver one this time but an orange is just fine too.  BTW we have decided to keep Maxxi whole with the intent to have you breed her next year possibly.  Let us know your feeling on the matter. She is coming up on her birthday should she be coming into season soon????
Let us know,
R. & R. Kirkwood
Edinburg, PA

We purchased a Bart & Dottie pup in April 2005.  Her name is Kentucky Dixie Belle, Dixie for short.  She is such a wonderful dog; very loving and she gets along with our three cats (although the cats might disagree as they don't like being licked by a dog). 

She is an excellent hunting dog.  She is a natural pointer, very birdy and loves being in the field.  She also went dove hunting for the first time last year and was great.  She retrieved birds for other hunters and found lost birds that the other dogs could not find.

We are interested in getting another from your upcoming litter with Bart and Emma  Preferably a female orange and white. 

Please let us know about availability.

E. Snider & D. Parrish
Versailles, KY
Hi Mick,

This is the first time I have written to you since my wife and I picked a puppy from the Bart and Brandi litter approx. 1 1/2 years ago.  We named our puppy Sadie and I began training her in the field at 4mos of age.  Sadie is my first pointing dog and I could not be more pleased.  She is a wonderful house dog, exhibits a real "birdie" nature in the field, and from what I'm told from other more experienced dog trainers, runs big for a Brit!  My wife and I again wanted to thank you for breeding an excellent companion and bird dog.
Enclosed are a few Thanksgiving pictures of Sadie on point.  By the way, she was voted "dog of the day" among my training circle which prefer English Pointers and Setters. 
Thanks again from Massillon, OH,
C. & J. Gooding
Note:  Website banner photo and background is Chad's Sadie. 



Hi Mick,


At the beginning of December, my husband Curtis and I purchased a Brittany from you Bart and Dottie male who we named Tucker. He is doing really well. We just enrolled him in puppy kindergarten classes and hes the top of the class! We have trained him to sit, stay, shake, down, up, stand he is very smart - we are still working on his off, walking on a loose lead and his play biting. Overall, we think he is doing great for only being a little over 4 months old. He has been a real joy in our lives over the last few months!


We noticed that your website was up and running and wanted to offer you some pictures, (see attached) should you want to use them. Hopefully within a few months we will have some pictures of him hunting with Curtis.


Take Care!

C. & B. Adams

Mount Vernon, OH



Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I had Opie (MC5) out for the first time this year.

We worked on some pheasants up in PA this past weekend. You should have seen him, maybe because hes mine but I was so very proud of him. Sorry to say that I forgot my camera both days, but he was terrific. I have never had a harder hunter than this boy. He found birds the other dogs just ran over, pointed like a champ, and retrieved like an expert. I even allowed him to carry a bird or two all the way back to the truck, he loved that.

This is only the second year actually hunting him on wild birds and he is the greatest. A perfect companion, not only in the field, but hes my best friend at home as well. I have been shooting competitive skeet for years and regularly bring him to the club with me. (after all, he is my best friend) He loves to sit at the back window of my truck, half in, half out and watches me shoot. Can life get any better than this?

Just wanted you to know how super one of your babies was doing. Biggest mistake we ever made (and I mean that) was not buying his brother at the same time. Id be in heaven.

Your friend,

D. Lees

Manassas, VA


Update on Jennie out of Bart and Mini.  I got her 1/29/05.  She was pointing at an early age as all good pointers do, but at 10 months, in Wisconsin, she went on point, I went in and a grouse got up. I shot quickly and thought I had missed but in one or two minutes she brought the dead grouse back to me. 
I work half time and when I work she stays with a friend down the street with German Shorthairs.  Pepper has taught Jennie how to swim and how to back.  I worked with her a little on heel which she now does well.  When she was a little over a year I had her and my 11 year old Brittany out walking.  The 11 year old went on point out in front of me facing left to right.  Jennie was off to the right and behind me.  I called her to me and whoa'd her.  She saw Kate and honored her point, but she didn't like where she was so she went behind me to the left to honor Kate so she could smell what Kate was smelling.  Oh. she also quarters well.  Two things matter to her:  Hunting and I, and I think that is in the correct order.  Got back from Kansas 2 weeks ago and she did beautiffully on quail.  In Wisconsin she stayed in close on grouse and in Kansas she moved out farther on quail.  She is like a thoroughbred and could run all day long.  Great style, head high to wind things but I have seen her with her nose on the ground with a woodcock or quail. Mick, I have had 5 Brittanies and at 2, she is the best I have had and 2 of them are out  of Ed Linscott's (Mr. Ed's)  I'm having a painting done on wood by a woman in Lakewood, Wisconsin of my 2 Brittanies and a grouse and naming it Kate, Jennie and Pat. 
She is everything you said she would be plus more.  She is sweet and loving and I hate to admit but my 2 Brittanies sleep with me.  If my PSA stays down, I will be back for another female very soon.
J. Barnes, MD
Bethel, OH